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Vincent Van Gogh

Online Art and Art History Class

Commercially unsuccessful during his life, Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings became the highest-priced paintings in history. His life is the typical romantic ideal of the tortured artist. Discover the inspiration behind his famous swirling masses that give such movement to his post Impressionist style. 

About Drawing Art History

Each Drawing Art History class starts with an in-depth lesson about a different celebrated artist. Enjoy learning about the artist's background and contribution to art history from Barbara's passionate and enthusiastic viewpoint. Students will come away with a better understanding of the artist's famous work and how his or her environment and life events influenced it.

Then, Barbara will teach you to duplicate one of their iconic artworks in pastel (or the medium of your choice). She breaks down the method that the artist used so you can create artwork in their signature style.


Vincent Van Gogh

Discover the inspiration behind Van Gogh's iconic post Impressionist style.

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Louis Comfort Tiffany

Learn about the surprising background story that helped make Tiffany such a wild success.

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Mediums and Supplies

Demonstrations will be done mainly in acrylic paint. Students should come prepared with the following supplies (in the brand of your choice):

Tubes of acrylic paint (primary + secondary colors)

Soft, flat brushes set

Palette paper pad

Watercolor paper pad

Palette knife (optional)

Table easel (optional)

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