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Frida Kahlo - Class 2 (Face 3/4 View)

Online Art and Art History Class

Recreate Frida Kahlo's 3/4 portraits in Class 2. Frida painted in the magical realism style, which is a blend of reality and fantasy so that the distinction between the two is unclear. 

Students will learn to paint faces with the proportions of a face looking to the side sightly. 

Learn to paint portraits in the style of Frida Kahlo in the March 2022 live online art classes. Raise your vibration and painting skillset by recreating masterpieces by one of Mexico's greatest artists.

About Drawing Art History 

The updated 2022 Drawing Art History class format focuses on demonstrating the signature style of each month's featured artist. Barbara will give a brief background on the week's subject, followed by a detailed demonstration and explanation on how to achieve the particular artistic technique the featured artist used.

Students will develop and expand their acrylic painting skill level with each class. 


Mediums and Supplies

Demonstrations will be done in acrylic paint. Students should come prepared with the following supplies (in the brand of your choice):

Tubes of acrylic paint (primary + secondary colors)

Soft, flat brushes set

Palette paper pad

16 x 20 canvas

Palette knife (optional)

Table easel (optional)

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