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Drawing Art History Online Class - June Class Package

Online Art and Art History Class

Watch your own art style evolve and deepen as you become immersed in the great art movements in history. Break out of the present time period and relive history through your own personal creative interpretation as inspired by some of the world's most influential artists. The June 2021 live online art classes (held on Zoom) feature Michelangelo, Claude Monet, Georgia O'Keefe, and Margaret Keane. 

About Drawing Art History

Each Drawing Art History class starts with an in-depth lesson and slideshow about a different celebrated artist. Enjoy learning about the artist's background and contribution to art history from Barbara's passionate and enthusiastic viewpoint. Students will come away with a better understanding of how the artist's life events and environments shaped their work.

Then, Barbara will teach you to duplicate one of their iconic artworks in pastel (or the medium of your choice). She breaks down the method that the artist used so you can create artwork in their signature style.



Known as the greatest artist of all time, Michelangelo was a painter, sculptor, and poet. His impassioned, sensuous style shown in the Sistine Chapel, illustrating the book of Genesis from the Bible, has inspired artists for over 500 years.

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Claude MONET

Monet’s fascination with capturing light in a landscape created exquisite paintings of the French countryside, often painting the same scene at many times of the day.  After moving to Giverney, the second half of his life saw his obsession with waterlilies, and his Japanese bridge, as he became one of the world’s most beloved artists.

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Georgia O’Keefe created art that was sensuous, strong and based upon her own interpretation of subjects, rather than trying to copy or represent them. Known for her portrayals of flowers, she painted them large, close up, and often extending off the edges of the canvas. This new approach to seeing led her to be called the “Mother of American Modernism.”



Margaret Keane is an American artist known for her paintings of women, children, and animals with exaggerated large eyes. Her story was made famous by the 2014 movie “Big Eyes.” The film shares how her husband tried to pass off her work as his own, and brought the issue of copyright laws to the public attention.


Mediums and Supplies

Demonstrations will be done mainly in chalk pastel. Students should come prepared with the following supplies (in the brand of your choice):

1 set of soft chalk pastel
1 pad of pastel paper
1 can of fixative spray

The same lessons and basic techniques taught in each class can be applied to a variety of art mediums. Some more advanced students may prefer to use watercolor or acrylic paint in class instead. If so, Barbara will provide painting guidance as well. 

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