Transformational Art Workshops

Barbara Eberhart shares her method of creating art as a spiritual practice with her Transformation Art Workshops. These privately held single or multiple classes are known to empower, heal and uplift participants. Contact Barbara for upcoming classes, or to hold a workshop at your business or home. 



Part 1

The first part of the class will shift your focus to the visually creative right side of your brain through fun warm-up exercises.  

Part 2

The second part of the class teaches students how to express emotions through different drawing styles. 

Part 3

In the final portion of class, students learn how to attain a tranquil state of mind by shifting their focus inward.



"The workshop was very freeing, getting out the feelings; great materials and hand-outs. "


"Guidance and then the freedom to do whatever moved me.  Opening my creative side and feeling okay with it."


No judgement and very positive.  Release of emotions, the opportunity to stop thinking. . . I loved it!"


"I thought it would be fun and expression, but it was much more; it was a Big Release."


"Being with the group - Barbara's happy energy.  No pressure, great supplies. I loved getting out of my depressed mood and relax.  It was very beneficial!"

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