Online Art and Art History Class - Draw Like Famous Artists

Learn to draw like history's most famous artists in this live online art class. For the first time, Barbara Eberhart is holding one of her most popular art classes as weekly group Zoom calls.

Drawing like the greats

Each week, you will get an in-depth lesson about a different celebrated artist. The classes begin with the introduction of the artist; you will learn about his or her background and the work that they're known for. Students should come away with a better understanding of what the artist created, and how his or her environment and life events influenced it.

Then, Barbara will teach you how to draw or paint using the techniques the artist is famous for. She breaks down the method that the artist used so you can create artwork in their signature style. If you don't know someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes, you don't know an artist until you've created a picture using their technique.

Mediums and supplies 

Demonstrations will be done mainly in chalk pastel. Students should come prepared with:

The same lessons and basic techniques taught in each class can be applied to a variety of art mediums. Some more advanced students may prefer to use watercolor or acrylic paint in class instead. If so, Barbara will provide painting guidance as well. 

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