Online art classes WAYNE THIEBAUD - April 2024

About Drawing Famous Artists

After a brief slide show of some of the artist's paintings, Barbara will demonstrate how  to draw one of their iconic artworks in soft chalk pastel (or the medium of your choice). Her signature '3-step method', makes drawing a simple and learnable skill.  And of course, if you'd like to do it differently, you are welcome to.  Experiment all you like!

Relax into the Joy of Creativity 

3 monthly classes aimed at restoring your soul, and bring out the joyful child within. There is no right or wrong way with creativity, but  rather a joyful expression of delight as your intuition gets to play. Use colors and visual imagery as springboards to allow yourself to Fly! 

Classes based on famous artists each month, enjoying the particular insights and style from some of history's most interesting personalities. See the paths these cultural icons took in their journey and get inspired from their insights and ideas. Let these historical figures add the charm of their particular styles provide a map to add to your own journey into creativity. Students will develop and expand their artistic skill level with each class.


Wednesdays..... 2:00 - 4:30. pm PST

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